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I was given a free subscription for a week, and I wanted to thank you . I just found out I passed!!

I would like to say thanks to you for your test preparation website. I passed my NCAC test today. This website was very helpful and was a very valuable resource. I would highly recommend this to everyone who has a test coming up and needs to do some studying. It was well worth my time and money.

First off, let me explain how bad my test anxiety has been in my life. In high school, I bombed the SAT and ACT and went to community college and then a state school. In undergrad, I was a double major and on Dean's list. I took the GRE. Bombed it. I got into grad school and failed the CPCE the first time. So, here comes my licensure exam. Are you ready for this? The first time I took it...I PASSED!!!! Greatest feeling of accomplishment. I owe it ALL to you guys. This website prepared me for the exam. I felt the exam was easier than the simulations. With the material, simulations and Dr. Carr's videos, I felt well versed and well prepared. Thank you so much!!! I sincerely couldn't have done it without you.

passed the Addiction Counselor Exam. Thank you your practice exams, video's and everything on your website was helpful. Woo Hoo!!!

Thank you so much for helping me pass my AADC examination!!

while I used other study materials for addiction exam, I credit most of my passing the CAP exam to the material on this site. It is in my opinion the preimminet site for study materials related to the helping professional. Using this site helped me earn my license and addiction certification. Thanks a million

I would have never passed the addiction Exam without this study tool. My money was well spent. Thanks for the assistance.

update the info. make it helpful for people taking the advanced ADC exam through IC & RC, includg. clinical supervisor questions.

I took the Florida CAP exam and there was a section on criminal justice that pertained to probation, incarcerated individuals rights, pre-trial diversion program, and drug court. I don't know if other states have this section but it would be helpful to have questions on the study exam pertaining to this.

I signed up for 1 month to study for my CDP test. I was getting pretty discouraged when I kept missing answers that I knew were correct. They were case study type questions--and by the way there, were no long case study questions on the NCC AP level 1 addictions counselor test like you have in your study questions. Anyway, I would repeatedly get them wrong. I would count the qualifiers for a dependence diagnosis and there are 3 so my answer was cocaine dependence or what ever the drug was in the case study, there were more than 1 question like this. Well I was getting it wrong because your system was wanting the DSM-5 answer, which I am not trained on yet so I wouldn't have recognized the answer. what I did recognize is the DSM-IV-TR answer that was also there for me to choose. Great, yes we need to learn the DSM-5, however, your question should specify that you are looking for the DSM-5 answer ESPECIALLY when the DSM-5 AND DSM-IV-TR both answers were there to choose from. The actual test had no DSM-5 questions on it and always specified what DSM edition the answer should be based on, as should your sample questions, especially when answers from both editions are there and correct to choose from. I didnt get the answer wrong, I just didnt give you the answer that you wanted, but then again, you didnt specify what answer you expected DSM-IV-TR or DSM-5. Also your questions went way too far into mental health. Yes as Chemical Dependency Professionals, especially in Washington state we need to know mental health, however, there were many questions that I asked a licensed mental health therapist and he didnt even know the answer and he even questioned why they would be asking a diagnostic question like that for a Chemical Dependency test. The actual test did not have mental health questions anywhere near the depth that your site was asking me in practice tests. Because of this, your site did more to give me exam anxiety as opposed to preparing me for the exam. I can not in all good conscious recommend your site, which is unfortunate for you because our agency employs a great deal of interns and I speak at the local college to students studying to be Chemical Dependency Professionals.
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