Addictions Daily Question

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Reality therapy emphasizes discussing what clients are doing:
       Their current behavior-rather than what they are thinking or feeling
       Their core thinking and or feeling
       Their current thinking and or feeling
       Their past thinking and or feeling
The complete avoidance of the use of alcohol and other mood- altering chemicals is:
       Drug Free
Many psycho education groups are based on a _________________ model and use behavioral procedures.
       Developmental theory
       Philosophical theory
       Learning theory
In the Rational Emotive Therapeutic system, therapy is ____________ and places the emphases on the client's active practice and participation in experimenting with new behaviors so that insight is developed into new and healthy behaviors and habits
       Long term
       Short term
Screening, intake, orientation, assessment are done:
       At the end of treatment
       At the beginning of treatment
       At the middle of treatment
       Prior to the beginning of treatment
The provision of counseling and referral services which respond to an addict's needs when the client experiences any acute psychological, spiritual, emotional and /or physical crisis.
       Case management
       Family counseling
       Crisis intervention
       Individual counseling
The paying of extremely close attention to both verbal and nonverbal demonstrations of communication without judging or evaluating is:
The use of psychoactive drugs has been found throughout human history. What are the earliest people who used psychoactive plants?
       American Indians
Which of these situations constitutes a breech of confidentiality?
       Forgetting to put a file back in the locked cabinet
       Consultation with the supervisor
       Consultation with other counselors
       Taking files home to work on them
In this therapeutic counseling system the goal of therapy is to make the unconscious conscious. To reconstruct the basic personality. To assist and enable a client in reliving earlier experiences and work through repressed conflicts. Intellectual awareness and insight. What is his therapeutic system known as?
       Behavioral Therapy
       Rational Emotive Therapy
       Psychoanalytic Therapy (Psychoanalysis)
       Jungian Therapy
The focus of AA meetings are on:
       Asking the group for help in overcoming addiction
       Asking God, a sponsor and the group for help in overcoming addiction
       Asking God, and a sponsor for help in overcoming addiction
       Asking God for help in overcoming addiction
The purpose of confronting a client or a group is to:
       To refocus the group on a positive path to inter or self exploration and awareness.
       To encourage honest self-investigation; to promote full use of potentials; to bring about awareness of self-contradictions.
       To challenge negative behavior of individuals or the group as a whole
       To establish the authority of the counselor or group facilitator
Sigmund Freud developed what therapeutic system?
       Psychoanalytic Therapy (Psychoanalysis)
       Gestalt Therapy
       Client Centered Therapy
       Jungian Therapy
You have been working with a client who appears to have a problem sleeping. In the past other clients have demonstrated the same problem, and sought medicines to be able to sleep. Can you pass on your opinion as to how this client can overcome this problem?
       Yes. You can pass on what you have learned.
       No, the issues of sleep problems are not in your area of expertise. This client needs to be referred to a medical doctor.
       No, you might become liable if the client has a serious problem and you offer your advice.
       Yes, but let others client's give him the information during group
This counseling technique is the skill of providing group members with encouragement and reinforcement, especially when they are disclosing personal information, when they are exploring painful feelings, and when they are taking risks. This counseling technique is known as:
       Therapeutic reinforcement
       Therapeutic Encouragement
       Therapeutic regard
What category drug is Psilocybin: ("mushrooms") ?
Summarizing is especially needed at:
       The end of a therapeutic relationship with a client
       The end of a group
       The end of a Individual counseling session with a client
       The end of a conversation with a client
During the transition stage of the development of the group, a key issues is:
       Apathy and absenteeism
       Hope and confidence
       Stress and fear
       Anxiety and defensiveness
The purpose of Feedback in group counseling is:
       To provide an external subjective view of how the person appears to others and to increase the client's self-awareness.
       To provide an external intuitive view of how the person appears to others and to increase the client's self-awareness.
       To provide an internal objective view of how the person appears to others and to increase the client's self-awareness.
       To provide an external objective view of how the person appears to others and to increase the client's self-awareness.
People whose activities focus on obtaining and using mood-altering chemicals. Other activities are sometimes included which serve to rationalize or justify the chemical focus, i.e., parties, holidays, concerts, ball games
       Peer centered social groups
       Friendship centered social groups
       Chemical centered social group
       Work centered social group
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